Old and improved. 

Now there's a new way of thinking.

Do you back in to the autumn of life or cultivate your wisdom and renew your sense of purpose?

Ralph has lead many dynamic and life affirming Ageing to Sageing workshops over the years in a safe and uplifting space. Its time to embrace our elder selves.

Ralph offers one-to-one and group workshops on this and other topics such as creating a spiritual toolkit.

From Age-ing to Sage-ing-A powerful one day weekend virtual retreat with Ralph Benmergui-Ordained Spiritual Director.

As a workshop leader and author I have often focused on issues of ageing and how we might reinvent ourselves as we enter the autumn of life. 

In this powerful one day virtual retreat we will gather to explore our ideas and feelings about getting older. By embracing our elder selves we can renew purpose and celebrate the fact that we are “Old and Improved!”

I have offered these courses in many venues in Canada and the U.S. both in person and on-line.

Please join me by registering now for my next intensive one day program on January 9th 2022 from 10-2pm

In a safe and welcoming environment we’ll talk, write, share and learn. 

Let’s not back in to our elder years but instead, celebrate the gifts it brings us as we move from Age-ing to Sage-ing.

If you are more interested in a one-on-one spiritual counselling you can reach out here.
  • Fee: 120 CAD
  • HST: 15.60 CAD
  • Total 113.00 (subsidies available)
Workshop Interest
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