Ralph Benmergui

Podcaster. Author. Spiritual Counsellor. Speaker. Workshops.

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New Book

When Ralph Benmergui discovered he was literally hours away from a deadly heart attack, he realized everything had changed.
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Listen to Ralph's two podcasts: Not That Kind of Rabbi
 and Yehupetzville with Ralph Benmergui.
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Spiritual Counselling

As an ordained Spiritual Counsellor/Director, Ralph creates a safe space to explore aging life transitions, and renewing purpose.
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Ralph Benmergui is an award-winning broadcaster, sought after speaker, MC, and host.
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Ralph offers many dynamic workshops including "Ageing to Sageing" and creating your spiritual toolkit.
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I Thought He Was Dead

a spiritual memoir

Ralph Benmergui appears on The Agenda with Steve Paikin to talk about the lessons he's learned from his life endeavours and how it inspiired his book's message.
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Spiritual Counselling

There are times on our life journey where we feel compelled to ask some big questions: What is my purpose? How can I know if I’m on the right path? How do I find the true meaning of my life?

Kavanah is a Hebrew word that means intention. To me, that means you can wake up and have life happen to you or you can bring a conscious and meaningful approach the challenges you face on a daily basis. My intention is to help you be proactive in that endeavour; connect to who you are and how you live your life with meaning and purpose.

My goal, as your spiritual counselor, guide or director, is to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment that is spiritual as opposed to religious. For me spirituality is about relationship — to yourself, to others and to the greater forces at play in your life however you define those forces. As something of a spiritual fitness centre, my direction, counseling and workshops help give your spiritual muscles a workout in a way that aligns with your spiritual yearnings.
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